Saturday, May 12, 2007

Paranormal Investigation, Paranormal Team

Our team of investigators, ready most weekends to investigate and investigate!!

The Joker / Emo-monster
The Joker! Is from AJC. Hehe. ( weixue ) haha. The guy on the right in this photo

No Guts
Yeah his name is jerome. The guy on top left
he have cute bunny teeth
So shuai :D

The Frog
Yeah. His feet are damn small :D
And his skin like frog
So thinn sia...
The guy on the left

Spidey / Monkey
A picture tells a thousand wordz :O
He love joo chiat!
Keep farting at CCK cemetery.

The Green Goblin
Spidey's friend. He has special ability of third eyes!

The Clown
Yes, The clown!
The clown is sometimes free only lah. From Singapore Poly =D
he has nice features xD

Uncle Chua

Uncle chua like to stop and appreciate scenery!
When we went sentosa, he stop and look at PSA for so long!
How it move?
But when he not tired, he very normal lah.

Missing in action nursing student.
He's quite normal . :D

Tony's Girl friend

Quite paranormal lah. She like to scream. And complain. And laugh.
She got slipper, very cooling, we know :)

He's cool :D

Our consultant and translator :D


Fuad said...

Since when my name is Green Goblin?!

KarthiRaj said...

Folks, I would like to join you guys in these, I am quite a kinda interested in these u see.. may be I have second eye.. haha.. but back in india.. I do these kinda stuff.. staying in the cymetry alone after mid night to feel change in atmosphere and ambeince, I am sure I can contribute few things and learn few things from u guys as well.. me in, lets be it !!.. thanks