Saturday, May 12, 2007

Mcritchie investigation

map of mcritchie reservoir
So how was the mcritchie investigation? The Mcritchie investigation became some sort of a night trekking experience.

As u can see from the map, we entered via the little red dot ( not singapore ) yeah at teh bottom left of the diagram. Its along lornie road, we walked like hell along the yellow path. It was like... so wet, and muddy and the mud was like 2-3 inches high. so you imagine how bad it was for someone who wears slippers there. lolx.
Ok, so at least some of us came prepared like jerome wore safety boots. So it wasnt too bad lah. mikel also wore boots. me also. but those with slipper ar, or with shoes, they suffer :D we still very dry :D
Ok, so we walked along golf link, Actually the shinto shrine we planned to visit is too obscured. we also didnt know which part of golf link to turn in at. it was very disorienting at nite. very unclear what is happening at all.
then we walked to jelutong tower, and sime track, after Petaling hut there was a landslide and the route was blocked off. we entered nonetheless, and yes we saw some very bad landslide. but thanks to our navigation skills we manage to clear the landslide, quite dangerous u see. We split up - Me , Mikel and Jerome went to investigate farther up ahead to see if its safe to go ahead, and we realised - eh can clear the place quite ok. Yeah, so halfway we turned back to fetch Tony and Ziwei and Tony Girlfren past the landslide. Before that, they were waiting for us at Petaling Hut.
Is petaling hut hautned? ziwei felt extremely uneasy there, and also tony and tony's gf were very frightened and disoriented.
Maybe its just the fear of an unknown territory at nite, just 3 persons. The earlier parts went on so well. Though we were separated from each other quite far, the girl was screaming and making lots of noise, mikel was talking about vietnam girls, and i was walking and ziwei was talking alot. very noisy, and very fun. :D
Yupps. So we cleared mcritchie and reached the ranger station. Gosh, the ranger was sleeping so soundly we thought he died. we washed up at the toilet there, and had a hella good time. Then the ranger wake up halfway and chase us away haha cos we not suppose to stay there.
Then finally, we walked out of the place through island club road and went to upper thomson road to eat PRATA! wah what a nice way to end this night topo :D

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