Friday, May 11, 2007

fort serapong third investigation

One final investigation at serapong.
Note this was carried after the mcritchie investigation, we'll be posting results of mcritchie investigation very soon.

Ok, so we went to serapong again. At about 6+ pm, I met up with Ziwei at the harborfront interchange. After a quick drink, we were ready to carry out our investigation.

We very quickly went into serapong by a bus, and yes it costed us $3. Also almsot got lost, because we not quite sure where the bus stopped. Anyhow, we made our way to serapong by followingthe sentosa map. Fortunately we were able to make quick and correct decisions to get us to our destination - fort serapong.

By the time we entered, it was already 8 pm+, quite dark. We went up the uphill road, and we actually investigated the buildings on our left hand side when we going up. There were some buildings in the forest.

The first building we came across, was a toilet. ziwei took a picture of it. Im not quite sure if its a toilet or what, but it appears so? This "toilet" appear quite interesting. Cos why is it situated in the middle of this uphill road, and why is it so large. so weird. It was quite hard to get to this toilet due to the undergrowth and dense vegetation, so yeah, mission accomplished one.

The second building we came across was actually a gun placement, yes there is another gun placement further up which is MORE accessible. This gun placement appears quite "secret"? Well, it was quite hard to get to the gun placement site also because of - the dense vegetation. For this place initially only I went in, because didnt want to put ziwei in unnecessary danger. He also dont know how to tackle the terrain. ok, so i grabbed the small plants ( yes fortunatley they had good roots, man ) and went up the steep 60 degrees incline slope. And I arrived at gun placement. I ask ziwei to come up also, very interesting structure. it appears that besides being gun placement, there were also places where i think ammunition were stored in the vicinity. Ziwei had difficulty coming up also, almost fall down, but luckily didnt. this terrain is quite tricky to handle. After we took photos, we then quickly exited down the steep slope - almost falling down again.

Next, afterwards, there was one more structure. Only I went up because the terrain was again very difficult. So I came across another structure. So three structures we have investigated so far. and when coming down, damn jialat cos the plant roots grab me. =.= thats why its always handy to have a swiss knife with u. else you have to try and try to untangle yourself from the mess of plant roots, and trust me with all the sweat on you and all the soil on you, you don't feel good!

Ok, we came across other structures on our way up also, but those structures now had DANGER signs, so we decided to go to those places when the second batch ( jerome and chuacheechay ) come, or to hold a large-scale day recce next time. halfway up, there was this PUB water thingy. ziwei and i saw something - a figure . but it turn out to be merely a structure cos i shine the torch at the thing and it turn out to be reflective. are ghosts ever reflective? of cos' not. i almost kan chiong already, lol. but we stay calm and approach the weird object.

anyway-or-how we FINALLY arrived FINALLY. At our location! Yes, fort serapong. At the place, we rested and slept. I couldnt sleep but ziwei slept soundly. At first I thought I heard breathing sound, but turn out I thought is ziwei, almost abit kan chiong lol. But I very calm. So its ok. I keep rubbing the dust off me, haha, so must dust on my shirt and pants. and i messed up, my water reservoir in my bag, i didnt close the top, and the water spilled all over my bag and belongings )=

but nothing paranormal there lah, thats what i felt. then later when chuacheechay and jerome came, we quickly hid further inside, then they come look for us, then we suddenly appear and cheechay got shocked! hahaa, that was so funny! ok, but our aim was jerome lah~. shouldnt have frightened the innocent chee chay lah. he was like.. shaking. haha

ok, so subsequently, we had a chat about haunted places in singapore. chee chay is very well informed and told us about lots of places which are interesting. unfortunately a lot of such places are already protected by the state, or fitted with CCTVs, or demolished. So its very unfortunate that the paranormal scene is singapore is getting smaller. Subsequently we had a chat on whether we wanted to go down the 20 metres ladder. Yes, we did physical calculations and determined the time it take for sound to echo back during the first investigation. Since it took 2-3 seconds to hear the sound of a stone echo back, we postulated that it was at least 20-30 metres. however, according to Chee chay, it was only 4 storeys deep. he went down before. since one storey is about 3 metres, and four storeys is 4x3=12 metres, it fitted very close to our estimate of 20 metres. of course, the fact that ours used physical means of determination of the depth means more accurate. even if we calculated factors such as air resistance and human reaction time of 0.2 seconds, it appeared that the minimum distance should be somewhere from 15-30 metres. ( if human reaction time of 0.2 seconds, then it would be about 15 metres. if we had made an error due to high air resistance which is unlikely due to the nature of our object, then the maximum distance is 30 metres ). So a good estimate of tunnel depth is 15-30 metres.

We in the end decided not to go to the tunnel, after some consideration due to safety reasons. Cheechay say that the last time he went down was 1 year ago with a group of like-minded individuals. they actually went down without even use of gloves or safety ropes. He entered through the ladder and then exited somewhere much farther, at the base of the serapong hill. the tunnel is very long, about a 1 hour walk. it is also very warm and stuffy.

also another reason for us not going down is that, its going to be very tiring to climb up the four storeys, and we might get stuck when we're tired. this is exactly the same point charles brought up. we definitely HAVE to climb out of the ladder if and when the exit at the base of serapong hill is blocked/sealed off by the authorities. So that's one of our main concern besides the fact that the drop was 20 metres, or probably about 15 times our own height!

So we eventually walked out and we tried to find the exit at the base of serapong hill. however cheechay had forgotten becos this was already 1 year back.

Nonetheless we thank cheechay for offering us this invaluable information.

So we had a walk out of sentosa, and finally arrived at the harborfront hawker centre to have roti prata , and a cuppa of tea. cheechay didnt have anithing cos he was just too tired. we were so tired from the walking!

Ok, so thats the end of our investigation to fort serapong. The third and final investigation into the spirits of serapong.

To just sum up the paranormal encounters
1. ziwei says he feel someeone blowing onto his face, however, it couldnt be because there was definitely no wind there. it was such a hot and still night. ziwei felt someone blowing on his face when just the two of us were located at serapong ( he was sleeping )
2. so he turned the other side, and now he felt wind again? ( or is it? )
3. he also claimed that there were loud sounds ( which i ddint hear ) ; i think it were probably caused by my boots, not to worry
4. cheechay heard loud PONG sounds and unidentifiable sounds. this was also the same thing that happened in serapong investigations in the past, but more specifically it coincided with serapong investigation two's PONG sounds which came at weird intervals. in investigation two, it started out slow ( the intervals between the sounds ) and progressively as the 10 mins of silence went by, the sounds came increasingly spaced closer to each other.

So this is the roundup of serapong third investigation.
photos will be uploaded soon.
there are no videos because we didnt take any videos. At first, we decided to leave ziwei alone in the fort for half an hour, but we decided otherwise due to time constraint ( we worry that it might rain )


Zackwise said...

the sound of things falling from my side of wall is loud and not wei xue's boots....its happen again and again like an interval in between also.

Anonymous said...

How did it take this kid 1 hour to walk down the tunnel? It is 30 meters, my and my squadron did it in about 1 minute.

Mennow101 said...

I agree with this 'Anonymous' guy! He sounds like a very handsome chap.

MonkeyNugg199 said...

1 minute???? I did it in 18.9 seconds!