Friday, May 11, 2007

fort serapong second investigation

fort serapong first investigation was done by me and my other friends. now, we're having a second investigation and this is actually one new group of friends haha. the first investigation was very hasty and inconclusive. we will not speculate much bah.

so we'll talk about second investigation. this invovles a very large group of people from API and SPI. we were not afraid of cos, because this is NOT a trespassing area. there is NO trespass sign or anything. we're just going there to do a... geographical/geological or transgeo-seismological survey muahhahhaa.

ok, fort serapong second investigation. we arrived , there were quite a few of us
- weixue
- soreeyez
- ziwei
- mikel
- tony
- jerome
- X ( name not disclosed )

we love jerome cos he follow us lots of paranormal trips liao. yea we love mikel and tony also, they are very funny :D tony's first time joining us haha, for this investigation. ziwei also first time joining us for this investigation. soreeyez, too. so lots of new people, new destination, are we ready?

so we actually entered fort serapong through the main entrance, and no we shall not disclose where this entrance is to preserve the heritage of this place. we certainly do not want people going there to vandalise, destroy fort serapong, so thats why we do not ever disclose exact locations of fragile locations. muahahhaa.

ok, so we walked up this long gravel road, just a normal road, trees everywhere. it look quite daunting especially due to the high incline of the slope relative to the ground plane. soon, some of us got very tired, so we walked slower. the slope was too steep. the surrounding did look QUITE creepy if you were to go there alone! while going up, to our left there were some structures but my friend said it was too dangeros to go at nite, so we did not attempt to scale up the slopes to those structures. but we noted them down and decide to go to those in a day recec trip or another invesrtigation.

ok, so after a long long walk and a walk into the serapong nature reserve, we actually came and reached our destination which is fort serapong. fort serapong is quite a hot place that nite, very hot. very stuffy. we set up base camp in the outermost room and lay down all our ghost-hunting paraphernalia, ready to catch any ghost that appear.

so we rested for awhile, before attempting to carry out the second experiment. the second experiment actually involves us standing quite far apart to each other in this tunnel-like thing inside sereapong. so we actually off-ed all the lights and kept quiet and observed the surroundings.

the experiment 1 details
- it was pitch dark, so all we saw was blackness
- there were 4 people inthe tunnel at any one time.
- 2 people together and seperated by a distance of about 20 metres
- one group : soreeyez and X, another group : ziwei and weixue

the experiment findings

soreeyez - nothing
X - breathing sound, someone breathing onto his back. someone walking past. heard PONG sound
ziwei - heard PONG sound only
weixue - nothing, didnt observe any loud sounds or anything visual.

we carried out a second experiment , experiment two. the first group of experimenters did not tell the second group of experimenters what is happening. only weixue and soreeyez were not participating in this experiment. ( they are at the entrance of the serapong fort )

so again, for 10 mins, they lay in silence, separated from each other. the results? conclusive that there were definitely sound phenomena. but is there an explanation for sound phenomena? it is remarkable to note that this sound phenomena was even RECORDED on my mp3 player as well as ziwei's player. and it played back excellently -the PONG sound. uploads of this file will be done very soon.

so what other things observed besides audio phenomena ?
- tony felt someone walking past him.
- tony heard footsteps? someone very near him

do note that tony has the special ability of the third eye..

we'll be investigating the structures by the side of the road in serapong investigation three. keep a lookout in this blog! we will also try to upload some photos for tis investigation (=

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