Friday, May 11, 2007

ulu sembawang part three

So we just went up ahead anyway,and soon came in sight, some army training facility, with people inside? Im not too sure. Theres lights and roads and everything- it is some army training grounds/camp lah. Though we dont know what it is.

So after that, we turned around and decided to go back. Could this have been the yishun entrance? is this some yishun camp or something?

We turned back, and while walking back, suddenly from opposite the direction of the army training facilities there came a jeep. haha yeah, a army jeep. so we faster CHAU!!! faster HIDE!! run.... almost got discovered :O We hide in the bushes hahaha, so pro rite, of cos' la. thank u thank u

ok ok, so later a LONG walk back. we heard sounds, and the weather qutie nice lah, lucky din rain. we also hear stream sounds, water sounds, cos' there's lots of water flowing all around us. the area also damn misty. that day moonlight was quite bright so we didnt really need torches. the roads are very confusing in that area, and very long.

then later, we came to rest. We went back to the army training shed around 3-4 km away to have a rest lah. then while resting halfway, suddenly my friend saw a white figure in the forest. he say the direction, but we look and nothing! fuad say is there, but we say : where where? where is it? dun haf leh.

So maybe our eyesights are not sharp. But the other fren his night vision very good leh. The following are possible explanations for the white person who keeps hiding

- reflection?
- tree the shape of person?
- could it have been an illegal immigrant? yes, there are illegal workers/immigrants living within forests. a few have been captured off the forests of thomson road recently.

Would like to comment a few points :
1. the fact that it was encountered by 1 person decreases credibility of the encounter
2. the fact that the BKE/AYE was just opposite meant that the reflections off cars could have caused a wrong perception of a person
3. could it have been an animal, since my friend says it was squatting, looking and hiding intermittently, even when we shine the torch? yes, my friend still saw the thing ( i believe ) even when we shine the torch

So these are the questions in our minds.

Anyway, after that, we quickly went all the way out. didnt encounter anything, but it was quite an interesting exploration trip. (=

So ulu sembawang - DEBUNKED to a large extent, becos' my friend may have encoutnered something. who knows?

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