Monday, April 23, 2007

Ulu sembawang Part Two

We moved on, and came to a place where there leads to three roads. We didn't know which road to head towards so we just headed the road that pointed north ( because northward means going deeper inside ). So we headed to the road pointing north and walked and walked. Finally, one of us came to realise that this road is the same road as he went with the other of his friend the other time. So he knew that this would lead to the training sheds where we could rest for awhile.

We walked and walked, feeling very tired, but no paranormal encounters. We didnt feel anything also. Finally we reached the training shed after walking about 30 mins like that. Then... we rest for awhile.. n we feeling very sian. so we sleep for awhile but 2 of them cant sleep keep talking. okok, then later we decided to explore further inside...

btw, the training shed is near the expressway, so we knew that we were always very close to people ! :P nothing eerie abt the training shed either.

well.... what will happen when we go deeper into ulu sembawang? much to our dismay, we walked and walked and almost got lost. fortunately, we had very keen senses of our direction and surroundings so we did not walk where we already walked ( that means, we never walk in circles ). we headed as west as possible, trying to find the other entrance which is supposed to be in Yishun/Sembawang, but we cant find that entrance. After an hour or so of walking aimlessly along the huge huge roads of ulu sembawang we came across some signs that this was/is a military training ground. for example, cleaning areas for vehicles. then we saw a flare in the sky. alamak it is army training ground!!!

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