Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Ulu sembawang Part One

We hailed a cab from the bottletree village area where we had visited ( more on that next time ) and we alighted along Mandai Road. Along Mandai Road is a deserted path into wilderness and darkness - Jalan Ulu Sembawang.

There was a worker's quarters at the entrance and there was clearly construction work going on. However, since there was no "no trespass" signs, we entered the area. The road was long and was filled with mud probably due to all the construction, digging and the torrential downpours recently.

As we entered the area, a sense of spook and mysticism overcame us because the place was quite dark ( though not as dark as other expeditions ). There are so many claims of pontianak and other nonsense that we felt we had to dispel. Braving our hearts, we trodged on. One of us fell down and got his whole torchlight into the construction mud. His whole hand was covered with mud - not a good sign.

Ulu sembawang is not new. One of the members had been there many times. The first time was with a friend in the dead of the night, just the two of them. They walked into the forest braving their hearts, but weird thing is that they found nothing very eerie about that place. It seemed like the roads of lim chu kang - many kampong style roads. But they didn't trudge deep into the forest enough to notice the even more abundant lands and roads that we will notice later. The second time was with a friend on a bicycle. Just the two of us sagittarians we went inside with bike and covered more distance. We dropped light sticks where there were intersections/turns to prevent us from getting lost. We did not get lost, fortunately due to the light sticks. There were many turns and it was easy to get confused where was where. This friend said that he felt something wrong about that place. True enough, one of us almost fell down.

Hmm. So What about the encounters we shall encounter this time? The ghost hunting group - just the THREE of us !!! Yay! Charting unexplored territory.

Is uLu Sembawang haunTed? Or Is It Just A MYTH?
Find out more in part Two.

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