Sunday, May 13, 2007

McRitchie Nature Reserve

This recce trip is happen last few months..after our trip to woodneuk..we go straight to McRitchie after coming out from the woodneuk by the back..we walk about 20 mins to reach orchard road and take night rider at orchard around 1 plus..we take night rider(i forget which one) and stop at thomson road if i not wrong and take a cab to McRitchie..we reach at McRitchie..then someone who i forget who..tell the taxi driver to go this way soo we the taxi driver go one big round..along the mt pleasant cemetery and along this police academy..then the taxi driver say "where you guys want to stop" then at last we stop at marichite and the uncle give us discount...then we set of and walk about 1/2 km then we reach near the bukit brown cemetery...we thought we going to the correct way cos we thinking to rest at McRitchie the fountain there..but we go the wrong way..and we go to this entrance and about few metters walk we reach to this hut and about 4 plus on the morning soo we take one space and sleep at the branch..about 6 plus morning..Fuad say he encounter something..he say that he hear people marching behind him..cos behind the hut is the small golf( i don't what is it called) those for beginners and then fuad and weixue shivering in cold..but the weird is mikel who didn't wear shirt he didn't shiver at all..

Did hut at McRitchie where we sleep is where the japanese doing their marching during the world war 2? This is for you to find out..

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