Sunday, May 13, 2007

Recce Trip on Bibadari Cemetery(but it have been exhumed)

Yesterday night we go on trip to Bibadari cemetery at Potong pasir..which has exhumed by the government and it will turn into parks very soon..

there are 4 of us..


We meet at potong pasir about 10 and we set of to the bibadari cemetery..firstly we went to the christian cemetery..nothing there actually..So we change location and go to the muslim cemetery which is other part of the cemetery..we walk and laughing and then we encounter this big toad(it quite big actually)


soo we walk to the path and crossed the road..we went to the back of the muslim quite dark because of the tall tress..around 5 mins walk we saw this small mosque..


Masjid means Mosque in malay..

Soo far we encounter nothing..we walk back and go to the mt vernon funeral parlour


then something caught my eye..i saw this ulu small house..soo we decided to check it out..


The house is actually a storage room but quite spooky at night..


And soo we finish our trip about 11 and take a bus home.

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